GDK was found in September, 2015, by Kosta Dedov. The following months, the company was awarded several important contracts, paving the way towards its development. New employees entered the company, expanding further the field of services provided.

A main office opened doors in Sofia.

On-field office was installed at a major site, giving GDK great flexibility and control over the construction process. Results were not late - another series of contracts were short to follow - both with private and public customers (municipalities throughout Bulgaria, international companies etc.)

GDK entered a busy period - managing on-going projects, finding possible new employees, executing business development plans. 

A great deal of GDK's annual profit was reinvested, while the remaining part of it additionally strengthened the company's liquidity. Good financial results opened the way towards new resources from partnering investment banks, naming GDK as the preferable type of company to do business with. We further expanded our engineering team by hiring more personnel, we successfully completed our contractual obligations in the set timeframe, at the necessary high quality level. We made an international agreement and commenced work on it. In Switzerland, the heart of Europe.