Emerald Residential Building

A magnificent eight-storey residential building, situated in the foothills of Vitosha mountain in Sofia, depicting unique combination of modern architectural design and Nature's beauty

 Emrld nightThe structural design of this 8-storey reinforced concrete structure was carried out by GDK structural design team. The structure consisted of 2 underground levels below the main building, one underground parking level, spreading below the entire backyard, 8 levels of residential luxury apartments, among which one commercial level at ground level, amassing a total area of more than 8,000 sq. m. Although situated in a highly seismic region, the structure was designed in accordance with the latest standards regarding seismic stability and analysis. (EuroCode System). The entire building is designed as beamless slab structure, supported on shear walls and columns, going down to the very bottom of the building. The building's foundation system is designed as slab on elastic ground, adequately sized and dimensioned, considering the data acquired from performed geotechnical in-situ research tests. A slope support system was implemented in the design to allow execution of the deep earth excavation. 

Construction works are planned to start in 2018.