Helipad Completion

Finishing construction works on NSTA Helipad Project.


Black Hawk

A project, designed and managed by GDK, consisting of a concrete helipad, 30x30m with asphalt shoulders together with an adjacent apron for helicopters and a taxiway connection between them. The project spans over a total area of more than 40 000 square meters.

Due to the big natural slope of the existing terrain, work mainly consisted in executing huge amounts of cut-and-fill works, so that a proper grade was reached. A gabion retaining wall was executed in order to guarantee slope stability.

New fire-hydrant system was installed, identification beacon and wind cone posts - erected. Anchoring devices embedded in concrete pylons at each parking location. Entire area was fenced with more than 1 km of wire mesh fence.

During execution, an existing major communication line had to be relocated without being disconnected through a newly constructed manholes - work, requiring extreme caution and precision - done properly.

Being part of the water mitigation system, surface water is guided towards ditches and linear drainage elements. 

A specific project, executed successfully with the significant support of GDK as part of the team behind it.