Taxiway Repair at Graf Ignatievo Air Base

A strategic project, aiming at improving Graf Ignatievo Air Base operational capacity.

Mig29 at GrafA major project, incorporating evaluation of existing infrastructure, pavement mill and consecutive asphalt concrete overlay of existing taxiway, electric navigational systems restoration and improvement, together with pavement marking.

Project design conforms to the following standards and design criteria:

· UFC 3-260-02 Pavement Design for Airfields;

· UFC 3-260-01 Airfield and Heliport Planning and Design;

· UFC 3-501-01 Electrical Engineering;

· UFC 3-510-01 Foreign Voltages and Frequencies Guide;

· UFC 3-535-01 Visual Air Navigation Facilities;

· AFCESA ETL 02-19 Airfield Pavement Evaluation Standards and Procedures;

· ICAO Annex 14, Aerodromes.

A topographic survey of the site that includes all site data required for design and construction of the project and documenting all existing features that will be affected by construction work was performed. The survey includes location and elevation of all features within the project site limits and the results are presented in a format that meets applicable standards.

In order to determine the real physical properties and to evaluate the existing conditions onsite, specialised accredited laboratory was engaged to perform core drilling tests and to determine concrete flexural strength, subgrade CBR and existing pavement thickness.

Having all initial data set, precise calculations were performed, finalising the project's design phase.