GDK provides a great deal of services in the field of engineering. Whether it is our design expertise that you'd like to consult or our reviewing skills, we are right here - ready to estimate your projects! 'Good work requires good planning - we are here for both!

Our company will not only provide you with a complete set of design drawings, specifications and calculations. GDK company will also add accuracy, innovation and fun.

Our structural engineers, having master's university degrees, are constantly updating their knowledge with the latest researches and achievements in the field. They are exploiting the latest European Standards (Eurocodes) and applying their experience with only one purpose - to provide a professional product at an optimal price for the investor. Whether it is a concrete bridge, a house out of timber, or a big steel warehouse –  the approach is precisely the same – optimal solution.

GDK's architects add the necessary approach to the project so it gets out of the blueprints and becomes a small piece of art. Realistic visualisation depictions and multimedia, embedded in the surrounding area, give undisputed sensation of the building to be.  The colours, the shapes, the height and volume – all properly mixed in the right proportions so that the client gets one thing in the end – satisfaction.  

Our civil engineers model the infrastructure. They plan your town's new street network, renovate that old playground, prepare the so needed public parking, adjoining the commercial center – all done with quality and precision.