As a designer, a QC manager and an alternative Chief Engineer at DPW, BS-AST, NSTA, I've been working directly and indirectly with GDK and Kosta Dedov in particular since 2016. In the process of our joint work on major projects both at Graf Ignatievo Air Base and NSTA, I have got to know Kosta Dedov as a highly qualified specialist and a remarkably capable professional and leader!

eng. Nadya Pesheva-Encheva
Building Energy Ltd., Burgas

Our initial idea, our vision behind it, the perfect functionality and pure form – all these always become materialised because of GDK's ability to make agile structural design, yet not making any, even the slightest, compromises with structural safety. Well done!

arch. Vassil BerkovskiVA Architectural Studio

Well, structural design is a delicate matter - it's always been better to discuss technical problems with colleagues, to hear different opinions, to view issues from different perspectives. We've been partnering with GDK and its design team since the very beginning - they proved to be a reliable partner, having expertise and respecting timeframes. We would strongly recommend their services to all potential clients!  

eng. Vassil VassilevAVV Constructions ltd.

GDK successfully completed several US-funded projects, entrusted to them by SKE as being the main contractor. They supported us in qualified manpower provisions, design and management. I have to note that all works were carried out professionally, in full compliance to the governing codes, on time.  

Marco RossettoSKE, Project Manager