GDK Management ltd.

GDK Management ltd is a Bulgarian company, specializing in construction-related products and services such as design engineering, plan checking, construction management, inspection, consultancy, technical expertise, statements, qualified manpower support, health and safety related services and construction works.

GDK is primarily specialized in management of US Government operated projects, having the "know-how" and all required certificates. Our skilful Quality Control (QC) personnel, by implementing the established Quality Control Management System (QCM) and with close collaboration with government representatives (US Corps of Engineers, Navy, etc.), contributed significantly to the successful completion of various projects, thus helping our customers get proper performance ratings by their final client.

Since 2016 GDK has expanded its field of activities towards construction and interior design related finishing works having successfully established close relations with partnering companies.

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What we do

In our office and on the job site we daily coordinate, construct, and supervise your building project. In short, the building path of your project has to be carefully planned as it involves many players. Although changes may emerge into the process, they will not affect the communication and coordination necessary to obtain the desired results. Whether you need a residential remodel, commercial build-out or construction from the ground up, GDK has the proven knowledge and experience to meet your building needs.

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Our Vision

Emerge and be a worthy leader in your field,  through innovative technology and techniques with commitment to deliver in time quality, safety and cost effective solutions to the satisfaction of our customers, by organisational excellence.

Our Mission

Be innovative, enjoy leadership and freedom, be committed to customer satisfaction and success, strive to achieve long term relations. Build, develop, motivate and direct all resources towards this. Be passionate, have fun in what you do!

What’s important?

Simple things that make the difference between GDK and others...


It is our understanding that success means vast knowledge, involved in proper actions. 


Respecting promises is our key priority, the milestone upon which we build our business relations.


Standards set high, we are constantly encouraging our team to raise the bar even higher, because for us there is no such thing as enough quality

Corporate social responsibility

Social Responsibility

We know pretty well that our business is negligible compared to the world's economy. Even the idea for such a comparison is irrelevant itself – the scale is simply unmatchable! But we also know that there are countless businesses like ours, worldwide. All we have to do is be responsible for our own actions and by doing so we give an example, a sustainable pattern to all socially responsible companies to follow. Briefly - inspire.


Flexible working hours

We offer our employees a flex-time schedule, to best fit their interests.


Knowledge to share

In our company, we strongly encourage partnership. We are strong as a team, not as individuals.


Working "GREEN"

In our everyday work we are guided by the following tips, which we strongly recommend to our partners:


  • Use both sides of paper: When making copies, set your machine to use both sides of paper and cut your consumption in half;
  • Avoid colour printing: Colour printing generally uses more ink, so print in black and white when you can.
  • Print in draft mode: To conserve even more ink, print in draft mode. It will generally lighten the shade, but you will still be able to read your copy clearly.
  • Buy paper wisely: Create a policy to buy only chlorine-free paper with a high percentage of recycled content.
  • Consider alternative paper: Think about buying paper made from hemp, bamboo or organic cotton.
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