Latest projects

Residential Building - District 23

A four-storey residential building in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

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Helipad Renovation at NSTA

A helipad renovation project at Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria

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Roads and Bridges at NSTA

Project includes road improvement and the construction of two new RC bridges at Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria

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Residential Building - Musagenitsa

A five-storey residential building in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

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Switzerland Biogen Project

Luterbach, canton of Solothurn, Switzerland. Giving our small but valuable support in creating this state-of-the-art production plant in the heart of Europe. 

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BEHOME Apartments Residential Building

A splendid six-storey residential building, situated in the foothills of Vitosha Mountain in Sofia, fitting perfectly within the surrounding green scenery

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Latest news & events

Oct 06 2021

Two Bridges and Helipad Improvements at NSTA

Completion of construction works of two RC bridges and helipad improvement at Novo Selo Training Area, designed by GDK.

Aug 18 2021

A warm welcome

A new structural designer enters our team. We wish her a very warm welcome!

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Mar 05 2021

CCP at Graf Ignatievo Air Base

Successful completion of design works on a Compass Calibration Pad at Graf Ignatievo Air-Base, Bulgaria. 

Jun 03 2020

Dog Kennel Design

Design works for a dog kennel facility in Plovdiv, used by Bulgarian MP.

Dec 20 2019

Christmass Party

Merry Christmass from GDK Team! We had an excellent time with our partners from EKA Studio!

Aug 29 2019

Finishing Construction Works at Graf Ignatievo Air Base

Successful completion of major construction works for Graf Ignatievo Taxiway Repair Project

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Jul 23 2018

Equinix Datacenter Sofia Project

Entrusted by EQUINIX to perform third-party independent Health&Safety inspections on their construction project in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Jun 11 2018

GEO-Summit 2018, UK

We are happy to announce our participation in GEO-Summit Conference in UK from 11th to 14th June 2018 and give our special thanks to GEOTECH GROUP for making it possible.

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Our services


While executing public projects, it is our main goal to provide such organisation and management, so that everyday life of the area is not affected. GDK's managing and design teams provide optimal solutions, adequate to the technological resources of the area without forgetting the set goal - to spend public funds efficiently.

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GDK provides a great deal of services in the field of engineering. Whether it is our design expertise that you'd like to consult or our reviewing skills, we are right here - ready to estimate your projects! 'Good work requires good planning - we are here for both!

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For our team, a family house is not a simple building – painted walls, fancy façades and steep roofing. It is a philosophy – it is the brick that shelters your family, it is the reinforcement which builds strong relations, it is the mortar that binds generations. It is the process that makes your house your home. It is a path to walk with your family's happiness as a companion.

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US projects

GDK is specialized in managing US projects to the set standards. Our team of QCs, Safety Officers and designers is experienced, has the necessary certifications and has successfully completed several US funded projects in Bulgaria.

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About our team

Katerina Georgieva

Katerina Georgieva is our legal advisor. She takes care so that all our documents to be in full compliance with the law, regardless if it is in Bulgaria or abroad. 


Angel Enkin

Architect Angel Enkin gives his valuable architectural support to our team. His creativity and innovative ideas fit completely in GDK's work philosophy.

Miglena Mandzhukova

Structural Engineer

Kosta Dedov

Kosta Dedov, structural engineer and GDK manager. Second generation engineer, having more than fifteen years of experience in construction field.

Georgi Dedov

Our senior engineer, having more than 35 years of experience in construction and public works. 

Atanas Nedyalkov

When it comes to IT support, we have fully entrusted everything to our partnering company NGroup.

Miglena Hanzarova

Structural Engineer